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Brow Lift

A brow lift is performed to restore sagging eyebrows to their youthful shape and position, as well as to remove horizontal wrinkles from the forehead and ‘frown lines’ from the area between the eyebrows (the ‘glabella’).

The classical brow lift gives the best results but entails a scar hidden in the hair passing across from above one ear to the other and unavoidably produces numbness of the central scalp behind the scar. Over recent years less invasive procedures such as the endoscopic brow lift and the lateral temporal lift, which elevates the drooping outer third of the eyebrows, have become very popular. The lateral temporal lift can be performed as a rooms procedure. Wrinkle-reducing injections and fillers are also used to achieve the optimum result.

NB: In women with a high forehead, and in the majority of men, the incision is made at the hairline to prevent the height of the forehead being further increased.

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