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Necklift Surgeon in Melbourne and Williamstown (Facial Rejuvenation Surgery)

A necklift is usually performed in conjunction with a facelift, although sometimes it is performed on its own.

However, in some individuals, where the neck skin is looser and more wrinkled than the facial skin, a necklift alone is a highly effective solution.

The necklift is performed to create neck contours that are smoother and more clearly defined, especially the chin-neck ‘turkey gobbler’ area.

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Neck Lift Surgical Technique

Incisions for the necklift procedure are placed behind the patient’s ears and below the chin to minimise visible scarring.

Mr. Maxwell works to achieve the best results possible by removing the excess skin and where necessary correcting unsightly muscle bands (platysma bands) in the neck.

Liposuction is also performed to remove fat deposits from under the chin and provides additional aesthetic benefits.

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