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Men’s Plastic Surgery Options

A common misconception is that plastic surgery is only for women. This is not so, as many men are interested in facial rejuvenation, body contouring  procedures and liposuction to improve their physiques. More men are choosing surgeries to rejuvenate their faces and restore their body contours, including eyelid rejuvenation surgery, facelift and necklift surgery and non-surgical injections to reduce wrinkles.

There are numerous other procedures that can help men look younger, more vigorous and more appealing. More men than ever before are finding solutions to common concerns through Men’s Plastic Surgery.  The most common procedures include facial rejuvenation (facelifts), eyelid reduction surgery, body contouring after weight loss (redundant skin removal), liposuction, Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty), and many more. Another popular form of men’s plastic surgery is a Nose Job or nose reshaping – also called Rhinoplasty.

The most popular plastic and cosmetic surgeries for men

  1. Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia)
  2. Excess Skin Reduction after Weight Loss
  3. Eye Lift – Blepharoplasty
  4. Neck Lift
  5. Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)
  6. Chin Augmentation
  7. Liposuction
  8. Scar Revision
  9. Face Lift

Men's Plastic Surgery options

You can now look as great as you feel

More Australian men are requesting plastic surgery to enhance their appearance and reduce signs of ageing. Men like yourself are realising they have many options to surgically alter the features that they have never really liked, or have changed through a sports injury or accident.

Key appearance concerns for men often include:

  • Puffiness under eye puffiness
  • Deep furrows on the forehead
  • Furrows around mouth and lips
  • Prominence of the nose (crooked)
  • Protruding ears (bat ears)
  • Enlarged male breasts (Gynaecomastia)
  • Looking good on the outside
  • Wrinkles from years of sun exposure
  • Ageing face beyond their years
  • Looking older than partners or colleagues
  • Body fat or “man boobs”
  • Excess skin folds after significant weight loss

Gravity, sports, sun exposure, injuries, cumulative weight gain and natural ageing processes can leave you looking older than you feel. All of these concerns can become more pronounced, along with the effects of ageing. The great news is there are a lot of procedures and surgical options that can give you the fresh new look you have always wanted. Mr Maxwell also regularly corrects “male boobs” with a procedure for male breast reduction (this is known as Surgery for “Gynaecomastia).

If you identify with one of the above concerns, please schedule a consultation at one of our Melbourne offices with Mr. Maxwell through the online form or simply  contact us  on (03) 8849 1462 today. Mr. Maxwell’s sees patients at his practice location in Melbourne: Hawthorn East (inner eastern Melbourne).

mens plastic surgery

NEXT STEPS for a Consultation for Men’s plastic surgery concerns.

Book your Initial Surgery Consultation

• Email us or Call on (03) 8849 1462 to arrange your surgeon consultation appointment.
• A Referral from your GP or specialist is helpful but NOT essential – you can have a consultation without a GP Referral
• Book a consultation with your Surgeon by paying the Consultation Fee (usually $300)

What to Bring to your Plastic Surgeon Consultation

• Bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and your choices
• Take lots of notes and read the documents provided thoroughly

Want more information before scheduling your Plastic Surgeon consultation?

• Request more information about the procedure – call or contact us
• Book a Complimentary Nurse Consultation (FREE)
• Organise a phone call with Patient Advisor (FREE)
• Attend our Regular Practice EVENTS (FREE) – meet Surgeons, Patient Care Advisor and speak to other past patients
• Organise a Skype call consultation with a Surgeon (available for Interstate patients)
• Speak with a past patient that has had the procedure – contact us
• Browse our Frequently Asked Questions including how to choose a Surgeon for your procedure

Please contact us using this form to arrange to book a consultation with our Specialist Plastic Surgeon(s) or to speak with our Patient Care Advisor.

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