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Other Procedures at Our Practice in Melbourne, Victoria – Skin Cancer Treatment, Hand Surgery and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Mr. Maxwell  is a highly experienced reconstructive and hand surgeon and offers skin cancer treatment, hand surgery, and reconstructive surgery following trauma and cancer at his Melbourne, Victoria practice.

Skin Cancer Surgery / Melanoma

Mr. Maxwell has a huge experience in the diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant skin lesions including melanoma. Patients are referred either by dermatologists or by their GP’s. In addition to excision of skin cancers, Mr. Maxwell performs  sentinel node biopsy  for melanomal and  lymph node dissections if skin cancers have spread. Mr. Maxwell also works with oncologists and radiotherapists to provide multi-disciplinary management of skin cancer.

Hand Surgery

Mr. Maxwell has extensive experience in the surgical treatment of  hand conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, ganglions and Dupuytren’s Contracture, and hand trauma including hand fractures, tendon injuries and microsurgical repair of nerves and blood vessels.joints of those digits. The hands are a very intricate area of the body, and a surgeon must have great skill, experience, and precision in order to operate on the hands successfully. Mr. Maxwell also performs surgery to relieve the pain and optimise the function of patients suffering from osteo-arthritis (especially at the base of the thumb) and rheumatoid arthritis, and performs wrist surgery for carpal bone fractures and ligament instabilities.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is performed to restore functionality  and cosmesis  to areas of the body that have been damaged by injury such as  those sustained in  motor vehicle or industrial trauma,  or disease such as cancer. One example of the latter is breast reconstruction following  mastectomy or lumpectomy and irradiation  . This  may be performed at the same time as the mastectomy (‘immediate reconstruction’) or in the months to years following it (‘delayed reconstruction’).

Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy

The type of reconstructive surgery performed after a mastectomy is known as breast reconstruction. This procedure is performed to re-create the breast  and nipple, thus restoring the patient’s femininity and  self-confidence. There are a number of techniques available, including ’tissue expansion’ and microsurgical transfer of lower abdominal tissue (‘free flap’ surgery). The reconstruction can be performed at the same time as the mastectomy, or months to years down the track.

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